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Managing My Money

  • Does my checking account provide overdraft protection options?

    Yes. ACFCU can cover overdrafts in two different ways:

    1. Courtesy Pay3 – If you qualify, you are automatically opted in. You can opt out via the Courtesy Pay Widget in the Mobile App1 and Online Banking.
    2. Overdraft Transfer – Such as a link to another account.

    Courtesy Pay covers the following types of transactions:4

    1. Checks, ACH and other transactions made using a checking account
    2. Automatic bill payments
    3. Recurring transactions set up using your debit card
    4. ATM transactions
    5. Everyday debit card transactions
    6. Point of Sale (POS) transactions

    We also offer a $30 grace allowance. That means no fees for debit card transactions if your overdrawn balance is less than $30.2

    Opt in or opt out of Courtesy Pay at any time and as often as you’d like:

    1. Log in to the Mobile App or Online Banking
    2. Click More
    3. Click Courtesy Pay

    Create peace of mind with Courtesy Pay, even if you think you’ll never overdraw your account. Whether you overestimated your account balance or swiped your debit card before you reviewed the total, we offer coverage to protect your account.

  • How do I set up automatic deposits or withdrawal for my ACFCU account with an outside party?

    If you have electronic payments, withdrawals or deposits being made to your account from a merchant or other financial institution (like payroll deposits or utility bill payments), notify that merchant or institution of your account number and ACFCU’s ABA routing number: 256078404.

  • How do I manage automatic deposits or withdrawals from my ACFCU account?

    You can transfer between your ACFCU account and external accounts for free (subject to a fee for insufficient funds) by following these easy steps:

    1. You’ll need:

    • The routing number of the other financial institution
    • Your account type and number
    • Access to your ACFCU online and/or mobile banking


    2. Follow the instructions on our step-by-step ACH Origination Setup guide.

    • Same-day transfers before 2 p.m. (EST) on valid business days, otherwise it will appear on the next business day
    • Each transfer to or from your savings account will count toward monthly transaction limits
    • Cancel pending transfers under the Scheduled Transfers feature
  • Do you offer wire transfers?

    Yes, to wire money to your ACFCU account, simply provide the other institution with these instructions:

    Incoming Wires

    • Wire to: Arlington Community Federal Credit Union, ABA# 256078404
    • Credit to: Your name and your 13-digit account number (found on the bottom of your checks or via online banking)


    Outgoing Wires

    • Can be requested online, in person, and via fax or email
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Agreements, Fees and Penalties

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My Account Details & Statements

  • How can I update and verify my contact information?

    It’s easy and quick to update and verify your info. Follow these simple instructions for Online Banking (desktop) or Mobile App (iOS or Android).

    Mobile App (iOS)
    1. Log in to the Mobile App
    2. Go to More
    3. Go to Others
    4. Go to Settings
    5. Go to Contact
    6. Add or update your phone numbers, email address and preferences
    7. Confirm your phone number by answering the security questions or entering a code from your email

    Mobile App (Android)
    1. Log in to the Mobile App
    2. Go to the hamburger menu (three lines in the top left)
    3. Go to Settings
    4. Go to Contact
    5. Add or update your phone numbers, email address and preferences
    6. Confirm your phone number by answering the security questions or entering a code from your email

    1. Log in to Online Banking
    2. Go to Settings (top right)
    3. Go to Contact
    4. Add or update your phone numbers, email address and preferences
    5. Confirm your phone number by answering the security questions or entering a code from your email

  • How can I update my email or street address?
  • When will I get my statement?

    You will receive monthly statements if you have an active checking account or loan. Otherwise, you will receive quarterly statements. The statement cycle runs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. If you’re enrolled in e-statements, you’ll receive an email when your e-statement is available. 

  • How do I access e-statements?

    You can access your e-statements by clicking on the eDocs widget in online banking.

  • How many months of e-statements will there be in my e-statement library?

    Once you enroll in e-statements, your e-statement library will store the last 24 months’ worth of e-statements.

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Checking Account Rewards, Tools & Conveniences

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Mortgages and Home Equity


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Warum Arlington wählen?

Als Full-Service-Kreditgenossenschaft sind wir eine Genossenschaft von Mitgliedern wie Ihnen, die wissen, dass wir alle auf unserem finanziellen Weg profitieren können, wenn wir zusammenkommen.

Finanzielles Empowerment

Wir sind hier, um unseren Mitgliedern - und Nachbarn - zu helfen, ihre finanziellen Ziele zu erreichen und ihr bestes Leben zu leben.

Belohnende Erfahrung

Wir sind der Meinung, dass es nichts lohnenderes gibt, als unseren Mitgliedern zu dienen - und wir glauben, dass eine gute Tat eine andere verdient.

Äußerste Integrität

Wir erfüllen nicht nur Ihre finanziellen Bedürfnisse, wir verpflichten uns auch, ein guter Nachbar zu sein und mit Integrität zu dienen.

Das Kleingedruckte

1Es können Datenraten gelten.

2Dies gilt nur für Debitkartentransaktionen. ACH-Transaktionen haben nicht die Gnade $30, bevor eine Gebühr erhoben wird.

3A $30 fee is charged for each occurrence.

4ATM transactions, Everyday debit card transactions, and Point of Sale (POS) transactions require separate opt-in.

*If loan is paid off within 36 months of opening, the cash back or closing costs may be added to the pay off amount.