We Bet You Can Join

If you’re connected with Arlington, Fairfax County, City of Alexandria, and/or the City of Falls Church, you’re most likely eligible to bank with us. What you might not know is that people in your family can probably bank with us too (even if they don’t live in one of those areas). Take a look:

You're eligible to bank with us if:

  1. You live, work, worship, volunteer, go to school or do consistent business in Arlington, Fairfax County, City of Alexandria, & City of Falls Church, VA.

  2. You're an immediate family member of a current member:

    1. Spouse

    2. Parent, Grandparent, Step-Parent

    3. Child, Grandchild, Step-Child

    4. Sibling/Step-Sibling

  3. You live with someone who is eligible:

    1. Domestic Partner

    2. Legal Guardian

    3. Foster Child

    4. Roommate with Shared Finances

  4. You have an immediate family member who is eligible to join under #1 above and hasn't yet.

You're eligible? Great! Join now!