Moving My Money

How do I establish automatic payments, credits, or debits to my account here from an account elsewhere?

If you have electronic (ACH) payments, credits or debits being made to your account from a merchant or other financial institution, (such as payroll deposits or utility bill payments), please notify that merchant or institution of your account number and our ABA routing number: 256078404.

How do I establish automatic payments, credits, or debits between my account here and my accounts elsewhere?

You can transfer money between your ACFCU accounts and your accounts with other banks and credit unions through our Mobile and Online Banking. In boring banking terms we call this ACH, but what it means for you is freedom. All you'll need is your other financial institution's routing number and your account type (checking, savings, loan) and account number.

How do I set up ACH? (Transferring money from one account to another.)

  1. Once you have logged into Mobile or Online Banking, go to the Transfers widget

  2. Select the Classic Transfer tab

  3. Select the Add Account drop down box and select Another Bank

  4. For your security, you'll be asked to receive a verification code via email or to answer some of your account security questions.

  5. Two micro deposits will then be sent to your other account to confirm that your money will go to the right place.

  6. Check your other financial institution account(s) for the micro-deposits. Once the deposits arrive you can complete the setup and start moving your money

    1. If logging into Mobile Banking go to Settings, then Accounts. From there you can verify the micro-deposits for each external account.

    2. If logging into online banking, you will notice a prompt asking you to confirm your pending external account(s). Select the prompt and you will be directed to Settings where you can verify the micro-deposits.

Do you offer wire transfers?

Yes, members can wire funds to and from their ACFCU accounts. To wire money to your ACFCU account, simply provide the other institution with these instructions:

  • Incoming Wires
  • Wire to: Arlington Community Federal Credit Union, ABA# 256078404

  • Credit to: Your name and your 13 digit account number (found on the bottom of your checks)

  • Outgoing Wires can be requested online, in person, fax, or email.

Fee Information

Are there fees for using ATMs?

There are three ways to use an ATM without a fee:

  • Use any ATM we own which has our logo on it.

  • Have a Your Choice Checking Account and meet the monthly qualifications to have any ATM fees refunded up to $20 monthly.

  • Use one of nearly 30,000 Co-Op Network ATMs. Find one using the Locator on our Mobile App or type LOCATOR in the search box.

What are your fees and when are they assessed?

When applicable, fees are assessed throughout the month and will appear on your regular monthly statement. View our Fee Schedule.

How can I avoid paying the $5.00 monthly balance maintenance fee or “express fee?”

You can avoid the monthly maintenance three ways:

  • Maintain a combined loan and deposit amount of $1,000

  • Actively use a Your Choice Checking account

  • We waive the fee for members under age 21 or over age 55

Is there a penalty for paying off my loan early?

No, we don’t penalize you for paying off loans early. If we paid any fees on your behalf for closing the loan (ex: Home Equity Line of Credit) or provided a cash back incentive, we will require you to pay those amounts back if you close your loan within 36 months of opening the loan. The amount owed would be included in your loan pay-off amount.


When will I get my statement?

You will receive monthly statements if you have an active checking account or loan. Otherwise, you will receive quarterly statements. The statement cycle runs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. e-Statement users receive an email when your e-Statement is available.

How do I access e-Statements?

You can access your e-Statements by clicking on the eDocs widget in Online Banking.

How many months of e-Statements will there be in my e-Statement library?

Once you enroll in e-Statements, your e-Statement library will store the last 18 months’ worth of e-Statements.


How can I update my email or street address?

Use our Mobile App or Online Banking. Click Settings -> Contacts. Settings is under your name in Online Banking.

Your Choice Checking

Not all of my debit card transactions are being counted. Why is that?

The debit card transactions must be signature based also known as swipe and sign. If you used a pin number when making the transaction it will not count as one of your 15 transactions nor will the purchase amount be applied towards the Cash Back reward.

Will my joint account holder have the same access and will we be able to earn Cash Back together on the same checking account?

Yes, your joint account holder can help you earn points together simply by using their Visa debit card to swipe and sign for purchases just as you do. Your cumulative purchase amounts will count toward your monthly Cash Back reward up to $10 per month.

How will this impact my tax reporting?

If you have selected high yield, dividends will be included in your annual tax statement. Cash back and ATM rewards are not taxable.

Can I switch my reward option?

Yes, you may change your reward feature at any time. Just give us a call.

Debit Cards & Checking Accounts - General

What’s the difference between “credit” and “debit” when it comes to using my Visa® Debit Card?

When you select “credit” the merchant will require a signature for your purchase when you select “debit” the merchant will require you to enter a PIN for your purchase (without a signature). We recommend that you select the “Credit” option instead of “Debit.” Here’s why:

  • Protection: Your purchases are protected by Visa’s rules and regulations that allow you to dispute charges improperly processed by merchants governing chargeback rights.

  • Rewards: A minimum of 15 credit transactions are necessary to earn your monthly Your Choice Checking Reward.

  • Lower costs: We pay fewer fees per transaction which lowers our costs. By selecting “credit”, you’ll help the Credit Union provide lower loan rates and higher yields on savings accounts.

  • Purchase Detail: More detailed merchant information is available on your statement and in Online Banking when your purchases are processed as “credit”.

Deceased Member Accounts

Losing a loved one is an emotional experience, often made more difficult by the burden of dealing with the paperwork and other logistical matters related to your loved one's finances. We understand how stressful this can be, and we're here to guide you through the process.

Odds & Ends

How can I reorder checks?

There are three ways to reorder checks:

  • Online Banking

  • Call Access24 at 703.526.0200 x1

  • Visit any branch

I'm locked out of Online Banking. Now what?