1. How do I establish automatic payments, credits or debits to/from my account?

If you have electronic (ACH) payments, credits or debits being made to your account from a merchant or other financial institution, such as Social Security deposits, dividend payments, or utility bill payments, please notify that merchant or institution of your new account number and our ABA routing number.

Arlington Community FCU’s ABA Routing and Transit Number: 256078404


2. Does Arlington Community FCU offer wire transfers?

Yes. Arlington Community FCU members can wire funds to and from their Arlington Community FCU accounts. To wire money to your Arlington Community FCU account, simply provide the other institution with these instructions:

Incoming Wires

  • Wire to: Arlington Community Federal Credit Union, ABA# 256078404
  • Credit to: Your name and your 13 digit account number (found on the bottom of your checks)

3. What are your fees and when are they assessed?

When applicable, Arlington Community FCU’s fees will be assessed throughout the month and will appear on your regular monthly statements. View Arlington Community FCU’s Fee Schedule.

4. When will I get my statement?

If you have an active checking account or any type of electronic activity (i.e. ATM withdrawals or direct deposit), you will receive a monthly statement. Otherwise, you will receive quarterly statements. The statement cycle runs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. If you are an Arlington Community FCU e-Statement user, your e-Statement will be available for viewing during the first week of each month via Online Banking. If you are not an e-Statement user, you can enroll by logging-in to Online Banking.

5. How many months of e-Statements will there be in my e-Statement library?

Once you enroll in e-Statements, your e-Statement library will hold 12 month’s worth of e-Statements that can be easily downloaded and accessed whenever you need them.

6. How do I access my account online?

You can access your Arlington Community FCU Online Banking immediately upon joining the Credit Union. Simply log in to Online Banking. Then, enter your user name and password to access your accounts.

7. How do I access Online Bill Pay?

Once enrolled, you can access your Arlington Community FCU Online Bill Pay by logging in to Online Banking. Then, enter your user name and password to access your account. Next, click the “Bill Payment” button at the top of the screen to access your Bill Pay account.

8. How do I access e-Statements?

You can access your e-Statements the first week of the month after enrolling in Online Statements. Simply log in to Online Banking. Next, click on the “Other Options” tab at the top of the page. Then, click on “e-Statements” to access them.

9. When and how is my Holiday Club Account disbursed?

Holiday Club disbursements are made directly into member Savings Accounts, on October 15th of each year.

10. Are there fees for using ATMs?

For free transactions, use an Arlington Community FCU-owned ATM. Find one of the more than 25,000 surcharge-free ATM locations or call Access 24 at 703.526.0200, Option 1, 703.841.4636 OR 800.931.4112.

11. How can I reorder checks?

There are three ways to reorder checks at Arlington Community FCU.

  • Online
  • Call Access 24 at 703.526.0200, Option 1
  • Visit any of our branch locations

12. How can I change my address with the Credit Union?

In order to verify the identity of the person wishing to change an address, there are only two ways to change your address at ACFCU.

  • Visit any ACFCU branch and complete a Change of Address Form there.
  • Use our downloadable Change of Address Form. Then, follow the simple instructions. Complete the form, and mail it to ACFCU’s main branch.

13. Lost or stolen Visa® Credit Card or Visa® Check Card?

To report a lost or stolen card, call 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 1.800.449.7728. To contact Visa® Customer Service, call 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 1.800.654.7728.

14. How can I avoid paying the $5.00 monthly balance maintenance fee?

You can avoid the monthly maintenance fee by:

  • Maintaining an Arlington Community FCU loan in any amount
  • Depositing at least $1,000 monthly into your ACFCU accounts

15. Is there a penalty for paying off my loan early?

No. Arlington Community FCU does not penalize members for paying off loans early.

16. How can I get free check copies Online?

Log in to Online Banking. Click on the link to your checking account history. Click on the check number you want to copy. You may then review or print your check copy.

17. What’s the difference between “credit” and “debit” when it comes to using my Visa® Check Card?

When you select “credit” the merchant will require a signature for your purchase (unless it is under $25.00) when you select “debit” the merchant will require you to enter a PIN for your purchase (without a signature) Arlington Community FCU recommends that you select the “Credit” option instead of “Debit”. Here’s why:

  • Protection: Your purchases are protected by Visa’s rules and regulations, that allow you to dispute charges improperly processed by merchants governing chargeback rights.
  • Lower costs: Arlington Community FCU pays fewer fees per transaction which lowers our costs. By selecting “credit”, you’ll help the Credit Union provide lower loan rates and higher yields on savings and investment accounts!
  • Completeness: More complete merchant information is available with online banking when your purchases are processed as “credit”.