Don’t Just Save Money. Get a Little Peace of Mind.

“Share” Savings Account

A “Share” Savings Account with a $5 balance is all it takes to become a member! This is your ownership or “share” in the Credit Union!

Don’t stop at $5. Use this account to start a regular savings habit:

  • Set up a Direct Deposit to grow your savings without even thinking about it. Even $5 a pay period adds up!

  • Save your spare change and deposit it

  • When you use coupons at the grocery store, deposit the savings

  • You get the idea!

Holiday Savings Account

Traditionally used to save for extra expenses during the holidays, the Holiday Club account now serves for any savings purpose you have. It's different from your Share Savings Account due to special parameters to help your savings habit:

  • On October 15, the money is automatically transferred to your Share Savings Account and becomes available to spend

  • Want it sooner? Early withdrawal fees apply

  • The account never closes so you can immediately start saving for the following year

  • Dividends paid on all balances of $100.00 of more

Money Market Savings

Our Money Market Savings Account is a great way to earn a higher dividend yield on your savings of $2,500 or more but without locking it up. As your balance increases so does your dividend yield.

The Fine Print


  • Dividends are paid on a monthly basis for balances of $100.00 or more
  • Easy account monitoring with our Mobile App or Online Banking
  • A Debit Card is provided for access if you also have a Checking Account. If not, only an ATM Card is provided.

Money Market:

  • Easy account monitoring and access with our Mobile App or Online Banking
  • Limited to a maximum of 6 withdrawals per month. (It’s Regulation D by the US Government that sets the limit).
  • Account comes with free convenience checks for easy access