Courtesy Pay

A safety net from exceeding your available balance

Sometimes life just happens. We’d like to help you make sure life doesn’t happen to your personal checking account and it gets accidentally overdrawn. That’s why we offer Courtesy Pay to pay your checks and automatic payments so that they will not be returned when there’s not enough money in your account.

The dreaded “NSF” or non-sufficient funds message. Yikes! Instead, at our discretion, we make sure these items are paid, saving you from the additional returned item/check fee on the other end. We do charge a fee which you’ll find listed on our Fee Schedule.

If you’d also like Courtesy Pay to cover your Debit Card transactions (signature only), you’ll need to OPT IN. Give us a call: 703.526.0200 x3.

Here’s a great benefit of banking with us

We provide a $30 grace allowance for Debit Card transactions (signature only). That means you won’t be charged a Courtesy Pay or Overdraft Fee for any debit card transaction (signature only) until your available balance is overdrawn more than $30.

Your Courtesy Pay “safety net” is in place for you to use again (if needed) once you repay the amount we covered and any fee.

More information on Courtesy Pay:

  • Receiving Courtesy Pay is not automatic. We offer it once you’ve been a member for 60 days and don’t have a negative ChexSystems report.

  • Be sure to avoid any of the following issues so you can keep your Courtesy Pay benefit:

    • None of your loans are delinquent (past due greater than 15 days)

    • Your checking account doesn’t have a negative balance (more than 30 days)

    • Your account has no activity within the last year (we consider this “Dormant”)

  • Any overdrafts covered by Courtesy Pay must be repaid in 14 days.

Definition: Your Available Balance is the amount of money in your account, minus any holds (such as outstanding Debit Card authorizations) and deposits that aren’t yet available due to our Funds Availability Policy.