Transferring Your Money (ACH)

Now you can transfer money between your ACFCU accounts and your accounts with other banks and credit unions through our Mobile and Online Banking. In boring banking terms we call this ACH, but what it means for you is freedom. All you'll need is your other financial institution's routing number and your account type (checking, savings, loan) and account number.

Quick Start Guide:

How To Get Started:

  1. Once you have logged into Mobile or Online Banking, go to the Transfers widget

  2. Select the Classic Transfer tab

  3. Select the Add Account drop down box and select Another Bank

  4. For your security, you'll be asked to receive a verification code via email or to answer some of your account security questions.

  5. Two micro deposits will then be sent to your other account to confirm that your money will go to the right place.

  6. Check your other financial institution account(s) for the micro-deposits. Once the deposits arrive you can complete the setup and start moving your money

    1. If logging into Mobile Banking go to Settings, then Accounts. From there you can verify the micro-deposits for each external account.

    2. If logging into online banking, you will notice a prompt asking you to confirm your pending external account(s). Select the prompt and you will be directed to Settings where you can verify the micro-deposits.

A Few Other Things To Know:

  • There is a daily limit of $10,000, but no monthly limits.

  • You can transfer to and from your Line of Credit and HELOC if you have them.

  • If you start an outgoing transfer from ACFCU before 2:00pm EST on a business day, it will show up in your other account the next business day morning.

  • If you start a transfer after 2:00pm EST on a business day, it will show up in your other account either the next afternoon or the day after that.

  • ACH is free for members, but be aware you could incur a $30 Courtesy Pay fee or non-sufficient funds fee if you transfer more money out of an account then you have in the account at the time of the transfer.

  • If you want to cancel a transfer you can before the money has left the account by going into the Scheduled Transfers feature.

  • Regulation D Applies, which means that every time you use ACH to transfer money in or out of a Savings account, it will count toward your monthly six transactions.