Personal Loans

Start packing for that dream vacation or use your Personal Loan to consolidate high interest credit cards, make home improvements, or cover unexpected expenses.

  • Rates as low as 9.24% APR* up to 48 months

    • Monthly payment example: $6,000 for 48 months at 9.24% APR* = $150.00

  • Repayment terms up to 60 months1

  • Limits up to $25,000 for any purpose

  • Electronic document signing at your convenience

  • Easy access to funds deposited into your account

  • Affordable Payment Protection plans

Fast Cash Loans – No credit check!

  • There’s no application, it’s just a quick phone call, and the money may be placed in your account. It takes about 15 minutes.

  • No credit check

  • $1,000 loan amount (does not vary)

  • 12-month term (does not vary)

  • Fixed interest rate of 8.99%2

  • $40 finance charge (can be subtracted from loan proceeds)

  • More information about Fast Cash loans.

Personal Lines of Credit:

  • Borrow up to $25,000

  • Interest paid only on outstanding balance

  • Cash advances can be made through Online Banking, Access24, call us

  • Affordable Payment Protection plans

Starter Loans – Share & Certificate Secured Loans

  • Great for helping you build your credit

  • Your savings serve as collateral (we place a hold on the money) for the loan which enables us to keep your interest rate low!

  • Repayment terms are flexible and you continue to earn dividends on your Savings or Certificate account

  • As you pay down your loan balance, the corresponding amount is released for you to access

The Fine Print

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate subject to change without notice. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rate. To qualify for as low as rate members must meet credit criteria qualifications. To qualify for an additional 0.25% APR discount on a Personal Loan, member must apply online. Minimum loan amount $1,000, maximum loan amount up to $25,000.

1Payment example: $6,000 for 48 months at 9.24% = $150.

2A $40 finance charge is required and can be subtracted from the loan proceeds. 8.99% interest rate + $40 finance charge = 16.75% APR total. Monthly payment example = $89. Payment is based on first due date in 30 days. Qualifications; must be a member for at least 90 days. All accounts and loans must be current (not negative or delinquent) for the past six months. Direct deposit is not required. However, $1,000 in deposits every calendar month for the past two months is required. Only one Fast Cash loan per member and only one open at a time with two maximum per rolling 12 months. Must have six months of payments before it can be refinanced. This includes Holiday Dough. Only the primary account holder may apply for Fast Cash.

See additional details regarding current APRs and payment examples.