In-School Branches

The Credit Union’s In-School Branch Program provides Arlington Public School students with real world, financial education and the opportunity to explore future employment options in the financial services industry. We currently run In-School Branches in Barcroft Elementary SchoolCarlin Springs Elementary SchoolDrew Model School, and Gunston Middle School.


Volunteer APS employees along with Credit Union staff teach participating students how to perform financial services duties including:

  • Accepting membership applications
  • Processing deposits
  • Handling withdrawals
  • Practicing positive customer service skills

The Credit Union’s In-School Branch program has garnered accolades from the Virginia Department of Education, the Virginia Credit Union League and the National Youth Involvement Board.


In addition to our In-School Branch program, we offer The Centsables program. It is designed to enhance both the financial education and mathematical skills of elementary-age youth.

Centsables Combo LogoThrough animation and hands-on activities, they’ll learn where money comes from; how it’s earned, saved and spent; how to create a budget; avoiding credit pitfalls; stock market basics; what causes inflation and recession; and much more.

ATTN: Teachers! The Centsables are coming to a school near you. For more information on teacher lesson plans or an In-School Branch, please contact us: (703) 526-0200 or


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