Financial Literacy

Arlington Community FCU is committed to improving the financial lives of our members.  As part of our commitment we seek out educational opportunity all around Arlington. Our goal is to meet you where you are and support you through the many stages of your life.

Grade School

Parents and Teachers, throughout the year you’ll see us in and around Arlington Public schools. We provide financial education events and tools to better the knowledge of Arlington’s youth. Check out our In-School Branch Program, and The Centsables, our Youth Savings Program. In addition, we partner with Virginia Cooperative Extension in support of Kids Marketplace, Reality Store, and America Saves; to ensure grade-level kids understand the value of money and learn to save as early as 6 years of age.

High School Seniors

The Senior Experience is one of our favorite programs we facilitate at the high school level. High school kids can be tough to engage especially when it comes to the topic of finance. So instead of hosting boring snooze-fest seminars we offer them jobs! The Senior Experience internship program was created to prepare APS seniors, exclusively, for a career in finance/non-profit sector.  Interns get to experience what it’s like to be in around the workplace. They get to work directly with management along with their departmental staff.

We’ve welcomed interns in the following areas over the past few years:  IT, Marketing, Community Relations, Executive Assisting, and HR. We are proud and honored to have hired some of the interns on as Arlington Community FCU staff after their internship was complete. They are often surprised at how much fun work can be. We work hard so we can play hard too! We look forward to the bright young talent year after year.


At the university level we partner with Marymount University, George Mason University, and other universities in Arlington to host budgeting and financial management seminars focused on preparing college students for their financial life. We also have intern opportunities at the college level.


Your career is a major milestone in adulthood. We want to ensure you’re maximizing your income to the fullest potential. Here are some ways you can get started today:  Chat one-on-one about your 401k, IRA, and stock options with our Investments Advisor, Momodou.  And meet Bryan, our Mortgage Advisor to discuss the steps to owning or refinancing your home. We collaborate with our preferred realtors and county partners to sponsor home buying shows, expos, and seminars for home ownership.  Whether you’re experiencing economic prosperity or hardship, we’re your financial resource.

Preparation for Retirement

It is NEVER too early to prep for retirement. The sooner you make financially savvy decisions about where to grow your money, the better future will be. When you need advice on what to do with your savings and investments, we host in-branch seminars for all ages as well as senior programs at various senior center locations throughout Arlington County for retirement planning, budgeting, and cutting expenses.

Plan your Legacy

We are committed to finding you the best solutions for leaving a great legacy.  Chat one-on-one about your 401k, IRA, Investments and Stock options with our Investment Services Advisor, Momodou.

We’re here for life’s biggest moments and all in between.

Arlington is a flourishing county with lots of economic growth.  We want to serve our community with the right financial expertise to thrive.

How to host a Seminar
Contact Ashley Emerson, Community Involvement Ambassador, at 703.526.0200 x265 or to book your speaker today!


*Important: The above email addresses are not a secure means of communication initially.  Do not send personal information such as your full account number, date of birth, or social security number, inquiries about specific account information, or request changes to your account record. Ask how you can send information securely.