Fast Cash

Fast Cash — When You Need Cash Quickly

Sometimes life happens and you need some extra cash quickly. It could be an unexpected car repair, fewer hours at work, or the washing machine finally had enough. We are here to make this time less stressful and complicated for you with our Fast Cash loan. There’s no application to fill out, it’s just a quick phone call, and the money is in your account. It will probably take less than 15 minutes, something you can do on your lunch and still have time to eat lunch.

So, if you find yourself needing some extra cash for any reason, we have the easy solution for you!   

Loan Details:*

  • NO credit check
  • $1,000 loan amount (does not vary)
  • A fixed rate of 8.99% APR*
  • 12 month repayment term (does not vary)
  • $40 finance charge (can be subtracted from loan proceeds)


  • Must be a member for at least 90 days
  • All accounts and loans must be current (not negative or delinquent)
  • Direct Deposit is not required. However, $1,000 in deposits every 30 days for the past 60 days is required
  • Only one Fast Cash (or “Holiday Dough”) loan open at a time
  • Up to Three Fast Cash loans per calendar year. This includes “Holiday Dough” offered in Nov/Dec annually
  • Only the Primary Account holder may apply

Call us today for quick money deposited right into your account! 703.526.0200 x3 

Looking to borrow more than the $1,000 amount? Don’t qualify based on length of membership? No problem. Ask about our Personal Loans

*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. A $40 finance charge is required. 8.99% APR + $40 finance charge = 16.75% APR total. Payment is based on first due date in 30 days. If you have been denied for a personal loan in the past 90 days, you are not eligible.