Getting Your Business on the Move

As Arlington’s Credit Union, we understand that importance of being able to provide small-to medium-sized businesses with affordable lending options. We’re excited to listen to your story regardless of the type of business you operate. We strongly encourage you to visit Arlington’s Economic Development website. They are a great resource.

Our Business Lending includes:

  • Business Term Loans – Secured with equipment or machinery
  • Business Vehicle Loans
  • Lines of Credit – Secured & Unsecured

We never want paperwork to hold up a decision as timing is always important in running a business. Therefore, we’ve included our list of the initial documentation we need to move forward with a loan decision:

  • Three years of tax returns for the business owner (Member)
  • Personal Financial Statement (Member)
  • Completed and signed Business Loan Application

If the Business (Borrower) is a separate entity (with its own tax ID #), then we will need:

  • Three years of Business tax returns
  • Year-to-date financial statements

As we move forward into the process, we will ask for:

  • Organizational documents for the Borrower Operating Agreement
  • Certificate of Organization
  • IRS TIN letter
  • Additional detail around the business, real estate portfolios
  • Verification of liquidity
  • Business Plan

When you’re ready to share your story on your business’ current success and how you see it growing, contact us! We’re ready to listen:

Jim Wilmot
703.526.0200 x208

Or fill out our Member Business Loan Inquiry Form

The Fine Print

We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. NMLS#477974

Important: Email addresses are not a secure means of communication. Do not send personal information (account number, date of birth, social security number, inquiries about your account, or request changes to your account.) Visit our Contact Us page to learn how to send that information securely.