It feels good to go green!  Plus it can give you a little more green of your own. When you enroll in FREE e-statements, you’re helping your member-owned financial cooperative reduce expenses. When we reduce our expenses, you benefit too.

Benefits of going paperless
When you switch from paper statements to e-Statements:

  • We PAY you money! Our Your Choice Checking Account pays you cash back or a higher dividend. It your choice!
  • Natural resources are saved by using less paper, envelopes, and fuel in shipping.
  • You’ll receive your statement faster, usually several days earlier than mailed paper statements.
  • You cut out two of the most common sources for identity theft — mailboxes and trash. 

Enrolling in e-Statements
It’s easy to manage your e-Statement subscription in Online Banking:

  • Click the Account Widget, then click Statements.
  • Click on Subscribe, check the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  • Click Subscribe again at the bottom.
  • A green message bar will appear at the top: “Statement settings successfully updated.”

Accessing e-Statements
You’ll be able to view, save to your PC, or print 24 months of statements in Online Banking.  Here’s how:

  •  Click the Account Widget, then click Statements.
  • A drop down menu will appear from which to select the account you want to view.

You can also view statements on the Mobile App.

Alternate Accounts & e-Statements
If you’re on another membership account, referred to as “Alternative Accounts”(ex: you’re joint on a family member’s account) you will be able to view that statement as well from your login. No need to login in with another USER ID! Both parties on the account will be able to see and access the e-Statement.

NOTE: Only the Primary member will receive the email notification regarding when the statement is ready. Also, if the Primary member unsubscribes from e-Statements, the joint owner will not receive e-Statements for that account.